At least once a month, the San Diego Early Ford V-8 Club holds a TOUR.
This provides the opportunity for members to drive their V-8s or attend in a modern car.
These tours are to a variety of locations including local attractions and member's homes.
They are an excellent opportunity to talk about the cars and visit with friends.

2017 TOURS

For The Coming Year
Mark Your Calendar for These Tours:

April 30th, Motor Cars on Main Street, Coronado. $40 to register

Coming Soon:

May 2017 - May 6th, Skills Day - Cuyamaca College Asset Program
May 2017 - May 7th, All Ford Picnic, Santee Lakes. Free to show and View, $5.00 to enter the Lakes
June 2017 - June 3rd, Asset Student Graduation, Cuyamaca College
July 2017 - July 8th, Camp Pendleton Tour

Each month in the FORD FAN there will be the time, map directions and a phone
number to RSVP. If you have any ideas,suggestions or would like to help please call
Mike Petermann 916-479-3665